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Colchagua Valley - History

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Colchagua Valley is a tourist place of first level, this land harbored “mapuches tribes”. They were conquered by Incas in the fifthly century introducing the agriculture and irrigation system.
Today these characteristic are multiples:
*Gorgeous extensions of vineyards
*oldest and news wineries offer the chance to know the wonderful world of wine.
*individuals would have the opportunity to taste the best Chilean wine  and the world.
* chance to know the gastronomic diversity.
* visit the largest private museum of Latin America, enjoy Casino Colchagua.

santa cruz city.

We invite you to visit the small and booming city of Santa Cruz, place where the time seems to stand till. You can see our Chilean Colonial arquitecture in Lolol, Chepica, Palmilla, Nancagua, Paredones and Peralillo, villages which in the Colonization of XVII Century were states created and given to distinguished officers by the Spain’s king, being the most coveted land in Colchagua because of their climate and soil,, after the Chilean independence, the country’s oldest families got lands in this valley, building wonderful several colonial houses, which  are preserved to this days and are the inspiration to the wineries which produces fine wines and world class tourist destination and business at the highest level.